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Alan Shearer flew into Newcastle airport from London yesterday afternoon and promptly put a definitive end to speculation connecting the 32-year-old with a return to England and international football. Shearer had fuelled that speculation but this was no flight of fancy on his part. Shearer was responding $810 celine paris flat sandal zipper front optic white leather slingback 36 to an approach, $4200 celine nwt new 2017 medium clasp frame handbag black sleek calfskin bag no matter how deft, from Sven-Goran Eriksson.

Eriksson was in Milan last Tuesday to watch Shearer score twice against Internazionale. Shearer’s “people” were also there. Eriksson has never hidden his admiration for Shearer and it appears the Swede used their presence to make one last offer to the former England captain.

Shearer was tempted, more so than at any time since his international retirement after Euro 2000. Turning down England may even have been harder for him than when he turned down Manchester United – twice.

Shearer had returned from Newcastle’s fine performance against Inter with a fresh fascination with international competition. Aware that the door back into the England squad was ajar, his enthusiasm for a return seeped out when he $47 nwt kay celine nude lace mesh evening party cocktail dress size s met journalists from Sunday papers in Newcastle on Thursday afternoon.

When Eriksson picked up his newspapers yesterday it was to read Shearer saying how much he missed playing for England. It seemed, for a day at least, that 0 celine 173823ska 18cc measure the audacious plan might come to fruition as soon as next weekend, when Eriksson names his squad for the matches against Liechtenstein and Turkey.

Now there can be no prospect that the Geordie will ever appear in an England shirt again.

Shearer stayed in the south after Newcastle’s win at Charlton on Saturday – he and his wife Lainya spent Saturday night with his former Newcastle team-mate Rob Lee – but having reflected once more Shearer decided to stick with his original decision, made in Belgium three years ago.

“After much consideration I feel it is only right and fair to make it absolutely clear that I do not wish to be considered for future selection by the England coach click,” Shearer announced in a $1800 celine brown trench 3 statement.

“I would like to express my gratitude to the many people who have made kind and complimentary remarks about my recent form and I would like to wish… Sven-Goran Eriksson and the England team the best of luck for the European Championship qualification campaign.

“The widespread coverage of my remarks concerning a possible comeback for England has led me for the first time to seriously consider making myself available again for the England team.

“As part of that process I have spent much of the day discussing that decision with my family, my close friends $3k nwt celine runway silk and football colleagues.

“My comments following Newcastle’s midweek match were made in good faith and truly reflected my enormous enjoyment of football this season, but I honestly believe my remaining football ambitions can be fulfilled at club level in the Premiership and in the Champions League.”

And so a door was emphatically shut. $1350 celine meteora runway ankle boots shoes steel leather sz it 38 Eriksson meets the media today and will have some explaining to do. Some will say this was a 24-hour storm in England’s tea cup, but the story of Eriksson’s pursuit of the striker, and Shearer’s dilemma, says much about Eriksson’s opinion of England’s attacking ability and of Shearer’s desire still to be considered the first among England’s centre-forwards.

The thought of Alan Shearer OBE being complex baffles some people. To his critics Shearer is the one-dimensional dull sportsman, but Shearer has shown he is just as susceptible to adulation as everyone who walks through a turnstile.

Shearer found his head going through a similar contraption in the hours after Newcastle’s match at Inter.

It is fair to surmise that Eriksson was not familiar with the meaning of Hughie Gallacher until then. But at San Siro, Shearer gave fresh resonance to Gallacher’s deeds of the 20s. Shearer, scoring twice against Inter, equalled Gallacher’s 143-goal tally for Newcastle. At Charlton he surpassed it. Same old Shearer, always scoring.

So why did Shearer consider returning given that since his international retirement he has repeatedly quashed the subject? The answer is because he was asked, and the reason he was asked tells us what Eriksson and Tord Grip really think of England’s striking alternatives.

The attraction of Shearer to Eriksson is obvious. Shearer is a much more formidable partner for Michael Owen than 0 celine bag 17610 3xvh 01bc207ex any of the other candidates.

Scoring against Turkey at the Stadium of Light a fortnight on Wednesday will need physical authority in England’s attack. Emile Heskey has $1350 celine red leather trio crossbody handbag not used it consistently for England. Alan Smith misses the Liechtenstein game through suspension because of the red card against Macedonia, illustrating his tendency to recklessness.

Darius Vassell is hardly thriving this season. Francis Jeffers plays only when others do not for Arsenal. Wayne Rooney is a young Everton substitute and Jermain Defoe is one inch smaller than Owen.

So Shearer’s appeal is clear. And he can score goals, as Eriksson may well witness again when he travels to St James’ on Wednesday to watch Newcastle play Barcelona.

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Daylight snobbery costing Del Nido dear

There’s nothing Sevilla president José María Del Nido likes more than congratulating himself. Apart, that is, from polishing his bald head to a pristine shine, pulling on one of those rich-man’s blue shirts with a white collar, knotting a silk tie in a double Windsor beneath an 18-carat gold tie-pin, and strutting about like the most important man in buy canada goose jacket in canada the world.

Arrogant simply doesn’t do him justice, which is rather appropriate really because Del Nido doesn’t do justice either. He was, after all like it, Jesús Gil’s lawyer and now represents best canada goose coat for women aged Flamenco singer and vacuous gossip-mag mainstay Isabel Pantoja and her moustachioed boyfriend Julián Muñoz – Gil’s successor as Mayor of Marbella, an apprentice who learnt from the master so well that he too nipped off with millions of pounds of council cash without winding up in the slammer.

As stuck up as a brush-wielding six-year-old in an eighteenth-century chimney, Del Nido insists: “I am neither humble, nor do I want to be.” An active former (and, quite probably, current) member of the far-right Fuerza Nueva whose office still boasts a Francoist flag, he is the classic Andalucían snob – last season he declared himself the “second most important man in Seville, after the Pope”.

And what better way to prove it than through Sevilla Football Club, an institution that has long represented the richer half of the city? Especially when its centenary provides the perfect platform to bang on about how clever you are and how great your team is. When average price for a canada goose jacket it provides the chance to insist upon having your flag hanging from the town hall balcony, to demand medals of honour, and to hold loads of events – quality ones, you understand, not the kind of vulgar, working-class dross Betis fans would enjoy.

What better way, indeed. Only your team had canada goose coat 0f better be good and you’d better get it right, or you’re going to look stupid, which for a man who went to university, you know is a bit unfortunate.

Alas, that’s exactly what has happened. For, quite apart from a Real Madrid style self-adulating centenary being a laugh for a club that’s won one league title in its history and not collected a single trophy since 1948, things have gone horribly pear-shaped – rather like Pantoja, in fact.

Towards the end canada goose coat – hybridge lite of last season, with Sevilla third, Del Nido gloated: “It is fantastic for Andalucía to have a team in the Champions League for the first time ever.” The centenary would be played out on a stage fit for a King. Or a Del Nido. Only, two weeks can i wash my canada goose coat later Sevilla had blown it and, to make matters worse, their scrubberish neighbours were the ones that zoomed past laughing their heads off. “He’s right,” giggled Betis president Manuel Ruiz de Lopera. “It is fantastic for Andalucía to have a team in the Champions League for the first time ever.”

Del Nido swore (swore as in vowed, that is; not swore as in said bollocks – he’d never be so uncouth) that this season would be different and so far he’s right: it’s turning out even worse. On Sunday night, Sevilla were defeated 2-1 by surprise leaders Celta de Vigo and find themselves down in fifteenth, a single point from the relegation zone, having scored just three goals. Their performance, admitted coach Juande Ramos, was “disastrous”.

All of which would be bad enough, can you dry clean a canada goose coat but when much of it is your own fault, and the fans know so, it’s even harder to take. “People said I was a big mouth, but they have to admit that I have managed this club brilliantly, cancelling out the 42m euros debt we had when I arrived [five years ago], while also building a competitive team with various players who are worth millions,” Del Nido boasts, thumping himself on the chest.

That much is true (ish: suspicions remain about José Antonio Reyes, for whom Arsenal say they paid less than Del Nido claimed to have received and for Sergio Ramos, for whom Madrid officially paid the 27m euros buy-out clause, even anyone has got canada goose buy canada goose jacket australia coat though they privately insist that they paid nowhere near that). But the footballing cost could buy a canada goose jacket be as big as the cost to Del Nido’s credibility after he claimed that he wouldn’t sell any of his standard-bearers in a centenary year only to wave good-bye to Julio Baptista and Sergio Ramos.

The Beast scored fifty goals in two seasons and brought in 20m euros but Sevilla have done little to replace him – not least because Del Nido has started going over the head of extremely successful sporting director Monchi. Not only has he released coach Joaquín Caparrós and replaced him with a former Betis manager (much to the amusement of Ruiz de Lopera), he has also undermined Sevilla’s traditional foundations: Sevilla’s youth team, forever presented as the best in Spain, has remained virtually untapped this year – only Jesús Navas has played regularly – and those veterans who imposed character on the team have become marginalized.

Monchi built carefully and made a huge profit. Del Nido has splashed much of that wad on quick fixes that have fixed nothing, pushing for bigger names with bigger wages: former Valencia keeper Andres Palop, who’s even played every game, earns more than Iker Casillas. But while there’s still plenty of time, so far it’s not working. As the new players settle, Sevilla lack personality, a system, and real quality.

They also desperately lack goals. Javier Saviola could easily score fifteen or twenty once he gets a decent run but the other new strikers inspire less confidence. Luis Fabiano may have a superb record in Brazil but has failed on his previous two trips to Europe, scoring just four league goals at Porto and Rennes, while Freddie Kanouté this weekend helpfully pointed out: “I’ve never been the kind of player to get twenty goals a season.”

Which is of course true – not that Del Nido appreciated the remark, having just proudly announced: “We’re going to challenge for the title this year because what we’ve bought is goals.”


Valencia 2 – 1 Real Sociedad Zaragoza 1 – 1 Depor Espanyol 1 – 2 Villarreal Atlético 0 – 1 Getafe Betis 1 – 4 Barcelona Alavés 0 – 3 Real Madrid [Club shop closed on match days. Genius] Mallorca 1 – 4 Málaga Osasuna 2 – 0 Cádiz Athletic 0 – 0 Racing Celta 2 – 1 Sevilla